Neil's Heat and Air, LLC

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Details of Service Charges

Service calls are $75.00 and will cover basic diagnostic charges. More complex problems may require additional time and costs. Any flat rate charges will include these charges:

  • Standard condenser fan motors: $325.00
  • Capacitors: Up to 20 mfd - $195.00, Over 20 mfd - $225.00
  • Refrigerant: $40.00 per pound - we use a scale, so you get what you pay for
  • Evaporator Coil Pull and Clean: $375.00
  • Systems I Installed: Any repairs are free of charge except tripped breakers, clogged drains, and dirty filters. These are maintenance items and are not covered.
  • Warranty Repairs: After the first year, electrical parts $100.00, and refrigerant circuits are $275.00 + parts and shipping
  • Systems I Didn't Install: Electrical parts $225.00 and refrigerant circuit $395.00 plus parts and shipping charges
Neil's Heat and Air, LLC

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